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A Collective Editorial Photography Project




To look at the times of “isolation” we went through with photography. To record our anxieties, hopes, thrills and fears; to make our will to hold on to life, our ways of solidarity visible.

To create a visual memory together.

We are going through a process that we cannot predict when and how will end in a world that we have created by alienating the living world and nature. In this period, we want to travel together by starting from ourselves and realizing what we have and have not experienced, what we have never looked at and seen, our states, our feelings, our moments, and trying to look at ourselves from within.

Touching each other through images to experience the beautiful emotions we miss, paving the way for our creativity and free expression.



Anyone who has the chance to protect themselves by staying at home, or who needs to go out for earning his/her life, or who works outside to perform public service and takes photographs with any visual recording tool can participate in this work. 

The priority for the participants is to take care of their health and the public health.



Photography is a very common hobby in our country, an effective medium of artistic creativity and a means of documentary narrative.

During these critical days, we have limited mobility to take pictures. In these days, when some of us live in a kind of isolation conditions in the house, and some of us have to go out of the house because of the necessity to continue working life, we begin to reconsider the concepts of “outside”and “inside”. During this period, our objective was to look more at “private space” than “public space”. We had the opportunity to photograph our own lives instead of other lives.


The new shape of our lives, the duration of which is uncertain due to the current situation, can provide a personal moral support to each of us, as well as the pleasure of being part of a joint work in these lonely days.

This work prefers direct or metaphorical visuals of subjective life, metaphorical narration, rather than news photos taken with documentary expectations. This work suggests that we put our creativity into our lives through our own perspective and window, and build narratives in singular frames or in a series of stories.



1. This study is conducted in a virtual environment based on the method of learning together.

2. The copyright for the images produced in this work belongs to the photographers. It is evaluated with the approval of the photographer in virtual and real environments opened in the name of the work.

görev tanımları




The editor takes on the job of advising, pre-opening and inspiring the production of the photographer involved in this work.

The editor shares subtleties in the photographic representation of a situation or story/series with the photographers involved in the study, making subject headings and suggestions for approaches to the subject.

The editor reviews and evaluates the photos posted by the photographers, the content provides feedback including technical and artistic advice.



It is the person who participates in this work recognizing that it is an editorial co-production process, producing photographs using a camera or using any type of image recorder, including a mobile phone.

The photographer sends his/her photographs to the editor by adhering to the guidelines to be published (practical instructions on technical issues such as image size, credits, texts that are communicated to the photographer at the start of the work)

The photographer sends his/her work according to the specified calendar.

The photographer has all the rights to his/her visuals that he/she participated in the work.



Arzu ArbakGünseli BakiSilva BingazKemal CengizkanOrhan Cem ÇetinSerkan ÇolakHandan Saygon Dayı, Kamuran FeyzioğluDora Günel, Mehmet KaçmazSinan KılıçEsin KoçFethiye ÖzdalAylin Leblebici Öztürk, Yücel TuncaHandan TunçEda YiğitÖzcan Yurdalan


Gülbin Özdamar Akarçay, Sevil Alkan, Emin Altan, Yusuf Aslan, Fadime Aygün, Gölnur Cengiz, Orhan Cem Çetin, Handan Saygon Dayı, İmren Doğan , Kamuran Feyzioğlu, Murat Germen, İsmail Gökçe, Gülay Kayacan, Sinan Kılıç, Esin Koç, Fethiye Özdal , Aykan Özener, Neriman Polat, Gamze Toksoy, Yücel Tunca, Özcan Yaman, Hüseyin Yılmaz



The idea of ​​this work emerged among the founders of the former Fotoğraf Vakfı – Galata Fotoğrafhanesi on April 10, 2020. Two days later, on April 12, it is circulated among the active participants of the Fotoğraf Vakfı – Galata Fotoğrafhanesi. On April 14, it was discussed in a wider environment. After two weeks of preparation work, announcement of Photography in the days of Corona visual memory study was done by Aykan Özener, Aylin Leblebici, Bülent Tüccar, Cem Demir, Dora Günel, Emin Altan, Günseli Baki, Handan Tunç, Hüseyin Yılmaz, Kamuran Feyzioğlu, Kemal Cengizkan, Necmi Kavuncu, Özcan Yaman, Özcan Yurdalan, Serkan Çolak, Silva Bingaz, Sinan Kılıç, Yusuf Aslan and Yücel Tunca on 27.04.2020 at 00:35. 


As in all our activities, in Photography in the Days of Corona, we take care to develop a language that touches the others without marginalization and discrimination. Studies promoting discrimination, racism, sexism, speciesism and violence cannot be accepted under this project.

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